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Rocky River, Ohio

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Quotes I will be voting NO on the upcoming school tax levy. Like so many of us seniors, the well is dry. Many, if not all of us are on fixed incomes. I do receive a small pension from my former private sector employer. My pension is about 5 times less than the Superintendent will receive when he retires. Unlike the Superintendent, my pension will never go up not like those who feed from the public trough. Every increase in my expenses means I must make some adjustment in my retired life style. I receive no benefits from the school, certainly not keeping my property values. My value is down 34%. I will be voting no and encouraging all my family, friends, and neighbors to vote NO. Everything our school systems does like the current building projects are gold plated. They have to purchase the very best regardless of the cost Quotes
River Resident

Quotes Credibility was lost after the first levy was voted down. "~Oops~ we miscalculated and asked for too much, this is the correct amount..." Sorry I'm not buying that. I also resent seeing "Vote for the levy" signs on the lawns of renters, especially renters being subsidized by the government, some living in the north side of the city. Of course I have heard that the best city services are to be had there. Quotes
Home Owner

Quotes RR Schools have some tremendous teachers and employees. It certainly is a great district. However , there is a serious issue with their finances. Instead of submitting another levy , how about speaking to the unions about making some concessions? We know that will not happen. If you take a look at some f the salaries and compensationn packages provided on the site you will notice some tremendously high compensation for those that work approximately 186 days a year. Gym, Art, and Kindergarten teachers making $90,000 plus a year? That boggles the mind. The well is dry and the taxpayers have had enough. Quotes

Quotes I've had children and now grandchildren in Rocky River Schools, all with excellent results. However, the days of unlimited income are gone for many of the seniors in our community, and much as we may want to, we just can't afford these new taxes. Why can't the city and the schools do what the rest of us do when our income goes down - tighten your belts. Prove to us you can do this, then perhaps we will give your more money. Until then I will continue to vote no. Quotes
old grandmother
long time resident

Quotes If you are opposed to tax hikes every 3 years, write Columbus a letter asking why we continue to fund schools in a manner that was ruled unconstitutional decades ago. As for teacher salaries and contributions toward healthcare, compare Rocky River to comparable EXCELLENT districts. Teacher salaries and sick leave bank are hardly different than what is common across all "Excellent" districts around the STATE--Cuyahoga County especially. I would expect someone with a CPA to examine ALL the data--not simply what is convenient to the cause. Is there something River schools are doing differently (in terms of spending) than other successful districts that warrants a "no" vote, or are you trying to setup Rocky River as an example of how you feel Ohio school funding could be changed? The small tax increase to me is what it costs to live in a quality community. If this levy fails, the quality of both our community and schools is in jeopardy. Quotes
Informed resident, RRCS supporter

Quotes I get a bit more than irritated about the current trend of bashing someone else's payscale or benefits. It's a bit like a small child crying because he perceives someone else got more than him! The current school system employee contract was already voted and approved by BOTH sides. Nothing we can do about it until it expires. I for one do not begrudge anyone from making a good living if they can negotiate it for themselves. As long as they earn what they negotiated, why not! The fact is the State reduced our funding and in order to maintain the current level of Excellence we need to replace it. The Students need this now, not after we fix everyones problems with the system! There really is no reason to bitch about the $100 more I might have to pay per year to maintain what we have. Please vote Yes for 114! Quotes
Mike Suchecki
For the Levy

Quotes Whatever happened to "If you can read this, thank a teacher"? What is more important than educating the children of our community? We have elected School Board members who have determined that a levy is needed to keep our schools excellent. No one likes a levy but due to the way our schools are funded and the recent loss of funding it is necessary. You fail to mention the years of experience and level of education of the employees making over $80,000. Most have over 20 years of experience and have many hours beyond a Masters Degree. Certainly they are most deserving of this level of compensation. You also discuss teachers' pensions, which they pay into by the way, but you fail to mention that they do not receive social security benefits or their spouses social security benefits. I have had enough of teacher bashing. I wonder how we will continue to attract young teachers to the profession with your mentality. Quotes
Rocky River Resident

Quotes This bottom line is that this levy it is about how we deal with the 3.5 million dollar cut in our state funding. We have the number 2 school system in the state and yet we are middle of the pack in cost to the taxpayer. Lakewood tax rates are almost 30% more than River (What would your house be worth in Lakewood?) We voted down SB5 and the unions contracts are just that; contracts.A NO vote means cuts in teachers and activities and learning materials not salaries and benefits those are contractural. We appear to be talking about one thing and voting on another. We have the best scools; why risk going back? Vote Yes and protect what we have all worked so hard to achieve Quotes
Todd C. Amsdell
Long Time Resident/Father

Quotes Like most political campaign ads on television, the flyer that was distributed on September 30th was greatly over-exaggerated and full of half truths. If you're asking people to seek the truth, than you should practice what you preach, not muddy the waters with more misdirection. For instance, teacher pension contributions are directed by the state not RRCS. (Contribution levels have significantly change with Ohio SB 342.) If you don't like the teacher retirement system, change your representatives in the Ohio General Assembly. They legislate this stuff, not RRCS. Severance payments don't exist in public schools, retirement incentive package do. The purpose of a retirement incentive is to replace more expensive employees with less expensive employees with an exceptional savings for the school district. So those payments that you're complaining about...they're actually saving the district money. These are only two examples of the weak attempt to misguide the public. Quotes
RR Resident

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